A solution for your necessary errands in the city

The fight against the corona virus has completely changed our private lives:
Social contacts should be reduced to a minimum in order to limit the further spread.
There are still many unanswered questions: how to get my groceries? And what about my medicine?
Especially in the city it is difficult not to get in touch with other people.
You may not feel at ease in public transport at the moment.

Maybe cycling is the solution?

cycling and corona


Good reasons to ride a bike

There are many reasons why people get on their bikes. Some simply use it as an efficient means of transport to avoid traffic jams, others use bicycles as sports equipment or to discover new routes and places.

Due to the current occasion, “Der Tagesspiegel” published an article with three further reasons:

The complete article can be found here (in German).

Avoid crowded buses and trams. Reduce the likelihood that you will come into contact with infected people.

Did you get infected without knowing it? You will not infect other passengers on the bus or tram by bike.

If you ride a bike, the buses or trams are also less crowded. This means that the virus has less chance of spreading.


Get on your bike, move, strengthen your immune system & escape isolation. The first sunny spring days are on their way!


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We hope to have motivated you to use the bike instead of car, bus or tram! Bike Citizens wishes you safe and great rides! Please note: this article was not written by medical personnel. If you have any questions about the corona virus, the possible infection risks and preventive measures, it is best to contact the official authorities.