Why is it that so many Americans see the bike as a “last resort” when commuting to work? With cycling networks rapidly improving, the infrastructure cannot be the problem.

According to USA Today, despite new trails, lanes and bicycle share programs, fewer Americans use the bike to get to work on their daily commute. The biggest reasons are the lower gasoline price and a stronger economy. Also the electric scooters are a reasons for this decrease according to the article.

In response to this news, let Bike Citizens convince the American people with 4 reasons why they should blow the dust of their saddles and take their bikes out for a spin.

The benefits of cycling

When talking the “bigger picture” cycling can be regarded as more than just a tool to bring you from A to B.
That is why it is time to list all those benefits you will experience upon taking the ol’ two-wheeler:

cycling for health

1. Health

The most obvious reason: cycling is healthy.
According to the Department of Health & Human Services, State Government of Victoria, Australia, cycling is good for:

  • increased cardiovascular fitness

  • increased muscle strength and flexibility

  • improved joint mobility

  • decreased stress levels

  • improved posture and coordination

  • strengthened bones

  • decreased body fat levels

  • prevention or management of disease

  • reduced anxiety and depression.

Do you want to find out more about the health benefits of cycling? Take a look at a recent article in our magazine “Urban Independence”.

cycling saving money

2. Helps you save money

You will be shocked to find out how much money you end up saving when using your bike to commute.
Lets, for this case, leave the car in the driveway and cycle to work!
According to the American Automobile Association, the average annual cost of new vehicle ownership climbed to $9,282, or $773.50 a month.
Well, you can buy yourself quite some bikes with that kind of money…
So, that leaves us with public transit. According to the CNBC, using your bike instead of public transit can save more than $1000 per year!

The numbers below gives an estimation on the annual costs for a monthly metro pass in different cities.
To read the whole CNBC article, click here.

New York
Los Angeles
New York
Los Angeles
cycling for the environment

3. Mother nature

The third reason is also rather obvious but worthy mentioning.
Each time you take the bike, you are saving CO2 emissions. The UN posted an article in which they compared the car and the bike and came to a stunning conclusion. With every 7 km you bike (instead of using your car) you will save an emission of 1 kg of CO2 in emissions. The Dutch for example, a nation known for is high “bike use”, managed to save

tonnes of CO2

in a period of just 5 years. And all these tonnes of emission saved is equivalent to

trees planted each year

The original UN Environment article.

Biking more important now then ever!

With the Coronavirus spreading like a wildfire, keeping your distance and avoiding crowded places are of great importance. “Social distancing”; a rather unusual term no one has ever heard before, has evolved into daily catchphrase, summing up 2020 so far. In one FAQ article, CNN answered several of questions concerning this matter. The questions “Should I use public transportation?” is answered with the advise to avoid it if you can.
For the entire CNN article click here

From first time bike rookie to veteran commuter

Have you ever though about using your bike?  Well, quite a few in New York did!
On March the 11th, the NY Post published an interesting article with an interesting figure: “On Monday, 21,300 people rode bikes over the four East River bridges, according to city data shared with The Post, a whopping 52 percent more than an average day in March of last year, when ridership was just over 14,000 — albeit with temperatures that were about 12 degrees lower” according to the NY Post.

Avoiding crowded subways or trains is one extra reason now for you to start dusting up your bike.

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We hope to have motivated you to use the bike instead of car, bus or tram! Bike Citizens wishes you safe and great rides! Please note: this article was not written by medical personnel. If you have any questions about the corona virus, the possible infection risks, preventive measures as well as the possible (psychical) influences of cycling on your body it is best to contact the official authorities and or your doctor.