Finn – not your ordinary Joe

Hi Guys! Im Finn! And like any other 7 year old kid, I like adventure, bikes, Hollywood blockbusters and smartphones.

Today we will dive deeper into my family history: I’ll tell you where I come from; how the cycling landscape changed me and, although I love it here, how I occasionally work in Hollywood.

Ever since 2013, there is an universal smartphone mount for bicycles called Finn. This silicone piece was developed by Bike Citizens, but not just by chance. The Bike Citizens crew was working on their newly developed app “BikeCityGuide” (today: Bike Citizens). This cycling navigation app was great for urban cycling, but still faced one last challenge:

How to attach your smartphone to your handlebars? The market demanded a better solution, resulting in the creation of Finn. Why the name Finn? The answer to this question has eluded many and nobody really knows whence it came from.

Production around the corner
Our Finns are forged in Austria, just a short drive from our main Graz office. To make Finns we use 100% high quality Bavarian silicone, which get molded into that recognisable and patented Finn shape. After cooling off and having the Bike Citizens logo stamped on, its ready for packing. The Finn packaging is made from PEFC-certified paper. Printing takes place in Styria, Austria and the actual packing is done in an Austrian federal prison in Graz, just a stone’s throw away from the Bike Citizens headquarters.

Finns makeover

The original 2013 Finn faced new developments. In 2015, a new model was launched and is currently being sold successfully and internationally today. Since 2019, this same Finn is available in different colours and can even be customized with your logo.

Young, powerful and open-minded
The Finn can withstand any weather condition and is extremely endurable. They do, however, like to go out on their own sometimes, losing track of time and place…

The Finn is sold worldwide. Copycats sometimes try to enter the market, but due to its quality, this Austrian brand has already made its mark. Even in Hollywood, the Finn can be seen in action – although not for its intended purpose it does the job!

About the author: Karen Rike Greiderer

Karen runs the Urban Independence Magazin since 2017. The passionate pedal pusher has already travelled plenty of miles on her bike. Today she combines either a folding bike and a bike trailor for kids or a Compact Cargobike with the railroad in Berlin and Brandenburg, touring mostly with her daughter. Her approach to riding a bike is multilayered with a love of detail, but always practical, going back to the days of her youth spend in Austria.